Viewers share pictures of early morning waterspout

Folks who were up early Wednesday morning, June 18, 2014 along Fort Morgan Road and Bon Secour Bay got to see quite a sight. A large waterspout over Bon Secour Bay made its way slowly to the east. It didn’t cause any damage, but many viewers captured it and sent in pictures to

Keith Allen of Arkansas was one of them. He took saw it from the front steps of his beach

house on Fort Morgan Road around 7:30 a.m. Allen was just coming back from town when his brother, Mark flagged him down.

“I was coming up the highway there and saw something,” said Allen’s brother, Mark Leichner.

It just kind of jumped out. It was just kind of rain at first. Then all of a sudden it appeared.”

Allen did the only logical thing. He grabbed his phone and started shooting pictures and even a short video clip.

“It was there for probably 10 – 15 minutes, until the rain came and just totally engulfed it,” Allen explained.

Shea McBee sent in another great picture from her vantage point on Fort Morgan Road. Fran Druse sent us another view of the waterspout from Mullet Point on County Road 1.

A couple miles down the beach from the Allens’, David Dorf was just getting his morning started.

The Dorf family came all the way from Austin, Texas to experience Gulf Shores beaches for the first time, but Wednesday morning, they experienced something else for the very first time.

“Never seen one before. Just was coming out for a run and…huge. It wasn’t moving very much. It seemed stationary, but grabbed my phone and took some quick pictures,” Dorf said.

Having never seen a waterspout before, Dorf loaded up his kids and tried to follow it.

Just as quickly as it came, it dissapeared, but Dorf says it was a fascinating sight.

“It was stationary and I wasn’t really concerned. It was actually kind of majestic. It’s not like the tornadoes we see in Texas. Those I’m afraid of, but this waterspout looked kind of cool,” said Dorf.

When you see news happen, let us know. Pull out your phone and take a picture or a short video clip and send it to us at Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of the waterspout.


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