Filling in a Mobile “sinkhole”

cedar trace pics

We have an update on a story FOX10 first told you about in late April.

What looked like a sinkhole, opened up after heavy rain in front of apartments along Village Green Drive East.

Residents of Cedar Trace Apartments said they heard a loud noise and then saw water shooting up in the air from inside the hole.

They believe the leak might have been responsible for some apartments getting flooded.

FOX News learned Tuesday the hole had still not been repaired, so we called the mayor’s office for help.

Less than 24 hours later, Wednesday morning, repair crews were out fixing the hole.

Residents were pleased and one said the hole actually had gotten bigger with time.

One resident, Kiera Williams, said, “Then it opened up even further, so, I’m glad its finally getting fixed. I don’t care how long it takes, I just want them to fix it.

The incident happened the morning of April 29, when heavy rains caused a number of sewer overflows around the area.

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