Chatom church mourns the loss of 11-year-old child

Chatom, Ala. (WALA) The city of Chatom is mourning the loss an 11 year-old child. Mobile Police say Jakobe Kirksey was playing on the Sears escalator in Bel Air Mall and fell. According to officials at USA Children’s and Women’s hospital he died Tuesday, June 17.

Virginia Traylor, a member of Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Chatom, says just last week Kirksey was playing with his buddies during at the church’s summer enrichment program. She said some kids are having a difficult time dealing with Kirkey’s death.

“Monday it was hard for one of the little girls. She was just so broken…his age. She was just so broken so she’s not here today… she wasn’t here yesterday,” said Traylor.

There are not many details about how Kirksey fell from the Sears escalator in Bel Air Mall. Police only say he was playing on it and his family is asking for privacy.

Traylor says the last several Sundays the church has been praying for Chatom’s children. She asks that you do the same.

“we want to say first thank you for being concerned enough to pray. Even your good thoughts. We just want you to continue to lift this community up. That our children would be protected,” said Traylor.

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