Council revokes business license where spice arrests were made

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile’s police chief went before the city council Tuesday to ask council members to revoke the business license of a store where he said arrests were made for selling spice.

But, the owner of the store also spoke to council members, asking them to keep the store open.


Police Chief James Barber spoke first, asking the council to revoke the business license of the D and D One Stop on Halls Mill Road.

He said three undercover officers bought spice on three different dates earlier this year.

Barber said, “The business owner was charged with trafficking of the synthetic poison spice, as well as possession of an altered firearm.”


Wanda Rahman, a legal advocate for the police department, then described the first undercover buy to council members.

Rahman said, “The officers went in with a hundred dollars and was able to get five packs of spice known as “Eagle Eye and “Crazy B,” and all you had to do was go in there and ask for “Joe.”


But, the business owner, Desha Williams, who’s now out on bond, also spoke to the council after being advised that what she said could be used against her in her case.

She said, it was her boyfriend, Frederick Howard, who was selling drugs.

He is charged with distributing, and possessing an altered firearm.

Williams told the council, “It really wasn’t me selling. When I did realize what was going on, I tried to put a stop to it. We had an altercation. I had called the law. They had came. Before I really nipped it in the bud, it was nipped in the bud.”


The council then voted to revoke Williams business license.

She hurriedly left Government Plaza.

When asked if she felt bad about what had happened, Williams said, “I feel bad abut it, but, you know, things happen.”


Chief Barber said, “We’ve sent a pretty clear message that anybody that is using a business to facilitate illegal drug transactions, that its not going to be tolerated.”

As far as blaming the crime on her boyfriend, Barber said of Williams, “She was there at the time the search warrant was executed, and the narcotics and the weapon were found.”

And as for her business future, Barber said, “She will not remain in business in the City of Mobile.”

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