Push for Peace Rally 2014

The 2nd Push for Peace Rally is set for this Friday, June 20th in Downtown Mobile.

The event will be held downtown in Cathedral Square on the corner of Dauphin and Jackson Street. The main event begins at 6pm, registration begins at 5:15pm.

Push for Peace is a community outreach event to promote peace through faith, unity and love. There will be music, poetry, prayer, dancing, food, prizes and several community leaders in attendance. Bring your lawn chair so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

The event is organized by Dannie and Danielle Pledger, whose initials are D.P., which corresponds to the name of their music group Divine Purpose. They’ll be performing along with several others at the event.

The event is free! Come on out and take part in this positive message of peace within our community.

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