MPD board up suspected drug home

Mobile Police boarded up a home, at least temporarily, on Juniper Street Tuesday, 17 stemming from multiple drug arrests over several months.

Officers responded to the home on February 13 and arrested more than 30 people. Then on June 5, 24 people were arrested.

During that search, Mobile Police found 67 bottles of liquor along with various types of drug paraphernalia and gambling equipment including syringes, a crack pipe, decks of playing cards, a digital scale and a multitude of cellophane bags used to package narcotics.

In addition to those items, officers also confiscated approximately eight different types of prescription medications. Some of the medications confiscated are the same as the narcotics sold during undercover operations at that location. Officers also seized $717 in U. S. Currency and two vehicles with an estimated value of $10,000.

“If I have anything to do with it, it’ll be a permanent solution. I’ve pushed outcome measures and we’ve executed search warrant after search warrant after search warrant and made arrest after arrest and we’ve gotten the same result is that we end up back again,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber.

Barber was at the home on Juniper Street Tuesday when city workers put plywood over the front door. The property owners are expected in court June 30.

“The legal authority is under Title VI of the Alabama code so we use that whenever we have a repeat drug location or a drug nuisance to the neighborhood that impacts the quality of life within the neighborhood,” Chief Barber explained. “Because of the drug nuisance, and the repeated buys that we’ve made out of this location, and the fact that we’ve had repeated arrests, it gives us the authority to seek relief through the court system to file the restraining order to stop the activity from happening.”

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