Keeping those summer mosquitos away

We all like to spend more time outdoors as the weather warms up, but struggle with being ravaged by skeeters. How do you keep them away? There are a bunch of myths out there, and some remedies that really work. Thomas Hodges from Terminix in Mobile stopped by to sort out what works and what doesn’t.

First of all, Mosquitoes can multiply quickly. In less than one week, 1” of rainwater can hatch 6,500 mosquito eggs. Imagine where water gathers on your property and how many mosquitoes could be breeding!


  • *Citronella candles: Many people associate the smell of citronella with summer. However, they don’t work and there is no efficacy data to illustrate this theory. The smoke/heat are the only things that repel the bugs.
  • *Aerosol sprays/DEET: Filled with smelly, sticky chemicals that can irritate your skin. Only repel some mosquitoes for a certain period of time. As it starts to wear off, DEET actually attracts mosquitoes.
  • *Stinky socks: Some believe mosquitoes being attracted to sweet smells. Oddly enough, mosquitoes like sweaty feet. Active or fidgety people produce more CO2 and lactic acid.
  • *Garlic cloves: Old wives’ tale!  if you eat large amounts of garlic, mosquitoes will leave you alone. In reality, you’d have to peel back the shell and rub all over your skin, and this still only keeps mosquitoes away for a few minutes. However, when heated and cooled a certain way, garlic is indeed lethal to mosquitoes.

*Terminix Mosquito Service:
It’s a new, eco-friendly service. Safe around people, pets and food. Kills more than 90% of mosquito population around home/business within 2-3 weeks. It’s fruit juice concentrate (orange, date juice) with microencapsulated garlic oil, which is lethal to mosquitoes. It’s applied by Terminix technician via backpack sprayer to plants and non-flowering vegetation. The price ranges from $59-$79 per month for customers with an up to half-acre lot size. The technology is several years in the making; efficacy has been extensively tested.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-TERMINIX.

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