FOX10 News checks spice text numbers

Both the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and the Mobile Police Department launched spice text programs in May. FOX10 News is looking into the numbers.

The Mobile Police Department says most of its spice-related arrests are the result of undercover narcotics operations. spokesperson Ashley Rains says no one has used the text tip-line to report spice yet. She says many tipsters are simply calling to report suspicious activity.

” We do want to make sure that the public is aware that this crime text line that we have can absolutely be used if you believe that someone is using spice. Or if you believe that someone is selling spice out of their home or business,” said Rains.

Rains gave an example of how the hotline is helping investigators follow leads.

“We’ve gotten a phone call from a person that went to a gas station and she recognized from seeing the spice packets on the news…she recognized what those were and she saw someone selling it to someone at a gas station and so she called us,” said Rains.

The Mobile Sheriff’s Office said it’s received about 26 text since the program launched. Spokesperson Lori Myles says officers got one as recently as Monday, June 16.

“Every time we do a story on it, or we focus on it, we promote it we get more. So it’s really just making the community aware that it’s out there,” said Myles.

Myles says go with your gut if you suspect spice is being used or distributed near you.

” Report it. We will check out. If it’s nothing, guess what? It’s nothing. That neighbor will never know that something was reported,” said Myles.

For the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office text “spice” to 839-863. For the Mobile Police Department text “crime 411″ to 274-637 or call 251-208-7000.

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