For Americans to like soccer, “change the rules”


All eyes around the world are on the World Cup, right? Not exactly. According to TIME Magazine, Americans don’t care about soccer or the World Cup.

Low scores are obviously a problem: “Americans love to see scoring,” says Stephen Clark, a news anchor at WXYZ news in Detroit, who wrote a post on the subject ahead of the last World Cup in South Africa. “In soccer it’s too usual to see a game end at 1-0.”

Read the full TIME Magazine article here.

Apparently, Americans need to be rewarded for hard work, too. “We like to march down the field and get rewarded for every victory. You’re rewarded every ten yards (in football). It’s like conquering territory,” Clark goes on to say.

So, what would it take to get Americans on board with what is arguably the most popular sport worldwide? Michael Mandelbaum, director of the American Foreign Policy program at John Hopkins University says change the rules, of course. He says for Americans to love the sport, the rules must show “favor the offense, eliminating the offside rule, which forbids players from passing to teammates standing behind enemy lines.”

While he makes some compelling arguments, there’s just one major problem, he says. “For this to happen in the US, however, the rest of the world would have to do the same, which it won’t.”

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