App Offers Cash for Pictures

On any given day, you probably take a lot of pictures with your smartphone.  Well, don’t delete those pictures just yet.  There’s an app that offers cash for those snapshots.  It’s called Scoopshot.

The CEO of Scoopshot, Petri Rahja, spoke with Fox10News Anchor Lenise Ligon via Skype from Finland.  He said Scoopshot is a crowd marketplace where non-professionals, and the like, can sell their images to different marketers, media companies or brands that subscribe to the app.

“We have different media companies that offer tasks like what’s your favorite sports team, or what are you doing over the weekend for gardening,” Rahja explained.

In order to reply to the assignment, you first have to download the app, register yourself, and upload your photos. From there, you’re ready to snap, send and earn.

The app first launched in Europe, back in 2001 but has now expanded to the United States.  How do you know your photos protected?

“You always own your photos. We never take the rights to the photo, so it’s always the photographers’ photo until they sell that photo to media or brands,”  said Rahja.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, one of the assignments asks for pictures of people enjoying the match.  If your pictures’ purchased, the money is deposited into your Paypal account.

“Like from $5-$25, to $50 but the thing with scoop shoot is that you can sell many licenses out of your photos…like when one guy was very active in a task by a directory company he submitted more than 10,000 photos making actually altogether more than $20,000 off those photos.”

The app is a free download for Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems.

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