Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab S Tablet

newTABLETSamsung has announced that it has a new tablet coming out in July. It’s called the “Galaxy Tab S”. It’s taken the display of the Galaxy S-5 smart phone, and supersized it for the new tablet, making it ideal for watching videos. You can even take calls and interact with your Galaxy S phone right from the tablet. It comes in two sizes and two colors, and features a fingerprint sensor. The 8.4 inch will cost about $400 dollars, while the 10.5 inch will cost $500.

Well, here come the Facebook ads. More of them. Personalized ones, too. In the next few weeks, Facebook will start looking through your internet history and your app activity. So if you’re shopping for a new television, Facebook will know and send you ads for deals on TV’s.

And, Google may be launching a new service to help keep you fit. It’s called ‘Google Fit’. It will collect all the data from all of your health-tracking gadgets and combine them into one central app. Google hasn’t confirmed whether it will be a stand-alone app or if it will be built into the next version of Android. Apple recently announced a similar service called HealthKit.

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