Nearly a dozen facing sex crime and drug charges

Deputies arrested nearly a dozen people at The Cookies-N-Cream Adult Club who are now charged with sex crimes and possession of drugs Friday, June 13.

The club has been on law enforcement’s radar for some time. Investigators said behind the doors, managers and employees are allegedly engaging in illegal sexual acts.

“They were actually displaying a lot of their body parts which their not supposed to do,” said Lori Myles with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Seven people were arrested and charged with felony possession and distribution of obscene material but one suspect stuck out: Lydell D. Moore.

He’s charged with a sexual offense and neglecting to post signs that forbid human trafficking.

“All entertainment centers are required to do that in the state and they didn’t do that,” Myles said.

Four people are facing drug related charges and during the raid, investigators said they also found a stolen handgun and confiscated about $2,500 dollars.

Deputies said more charges could be coming and there’s a possibility the club will be shut down.

“That is something we’re working with the district attorney’s office. If we find different information then yes, that is a possibility and that may be where we bring another agency in that has more power on that area to do those things,” Myles said.

The suspects are listed below:

  • BJabril Dewan Iddeen: unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd degree
  • Antonio Husband: unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd degree
  • Tashuan Demarcus Henderson: (warrant) unlawful possession of narcotic paraphernalia
  • Brittney Patton: unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd degree
  • Zechariah Orlando Bracy: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Robert D. Smith:(Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Alberta Farley: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material; (misd. warrant) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Steven Paul Smith: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Korwyn Lorenzo Nixon: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Lydell D. Moore: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material; display of body part for entertainment; failure to post national human trafficking sign; (misd. warrant) possession/distribution of obscene material
  • Tequilla L. Gregory: (Felony) possession/distribution of obscene material


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