MCPSS to serve breakfast and lunch at no charge

The Mobile County Public School System will soon be serving more meals to students system-wide beginning in August.

Every public school and every student in grades K-12 will benefit from the Community Eligibility Provision. It comes from the USDA and will be paid for, in-full at no cost to the school system. That means 59,000 students at 89 schools will have breakfast and lunch provided to them, at no cost.

“A lot of our children go to school with no food in their tummies,” said Nancy Pierce with the Mobile County Public School System.

Pierce told FOX10 News the new initiative will prove to be beneficial for learning.

“This is so important to us because we know the children who do have breakfast and lunch, will have full bellies. They will have much better chance of succeeding in school. They’ll be awake. You’ll be fully charged, and they can really learn, and learn and take things very seriously,” she said.

“It’s wonderful that [the USDA] see the need and any school system in the country can do this,” Pierce said.

All the school system had to do was apply. The program began in 2012 and this year is available to schools and school systems all across the country – with Mobile being the first in Alabama. The program will not cost the school system a dime. All the funding will come from the federal government.

“The value we look at is the educational value – in the classroom,” said Pierce.

Last year alone, the MCPSS served 7.8 million lunches.

FOX10 News will continue to follow the progression of the program for you on FOX10 News and

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