Feds to Regulate Navigate Apps?

It seems big brother wants more control over your smartphone applications.

Fox10News has been warning you about the dangers of distracted driving for some time now with our Wait to Text campaign.  Reports show the consequences of texting and driving can often be fatal.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to help curb distracted driving with a new law that would regulate popular navigation apps on your smartphone.

Under the Grow American Act, the NHTSA would set restrictions on apps like, Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze, and later order changes if they are deemed dangerous on the road.  It’s similar to how the agency already regulates built-in navigation software in vehicles.

As it stands, many laws banning cell phones or texting while driving aren’t clear when it comes to using navigation software apps.  Technology companies and developers are against the proposal.  They say the measure would be nearly impossible to enforce and could hamper the pace of innovation.

Automakers, however, are in favor of the idea –claiming that implementing restrictions only for built-in systems and ignoring navigation apps would only make them problem worse since users would use their smartphone to get around the problem.

This all started November 2014, when the NHTSA said it already had the authority to regulate smartphone apps and planned to release new guideline that included those devices sometime in 2014.


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