Rebuilding begins after fire destroys church

A local church congregation is getting a new sanctuary after their church burnt down in October.

The Celeste Road Baptist Church congregation in Saraland has been holding Sunday services in a mobile home and in a parking lot but that’s about to change thanks to the Baptist Church Builders of Texas.

The group, made up of people from across the nation, is donating its time to help build a new church.

“We’ve been to Montana, Kentucky, and everywhere in between and of course we do this for the glory of the Lord,” said a representative with the group, Wes Ratliff.

For church members who watched their place of worship burn down in October, it’s a new beginning.

“God doesn’t shut one door, before he opens another for us. It will be bigger and better,” Wanda Porter said in October.

And that new beginning came sooner than Pastor Eddie Holmes expected.

“We weren’t anticipating getting to rebuild quite this fast but the group that’s here with us is going to be building the church free of charge,” Pastor Holmes said.

The group has been in town since Wednesday, June 11 and said the foundation for the building will be done by Friday, June 20.

“We will build this church in a week. We will start in the morning at 7 a.m. with a devotional and prayer and when we leave here Friday evening, there will be a church that will be built,” Ratliff said.

After the foundation is set, Ratliff said another crew will put on the sheet rock and finish the job.

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