Foley family without a home after late night blaze

FOLEY, Ala. (WALA) – North Alston Street was a much quieter place Saturday afternoon than it was nearly 24 hours prior.

Friday night, flames burst from the rear of a home on the 1000 block of the Foley street, causing quite a stir for many neighbors.

“I could hear something like metal falling off the house and hitting the ground and I could hear a loud popping. And that’s what caught my attention. And that’s when I looked over there and that’s when I seen the fire,” Gloria Linvilly said.

Linvilly said she may not have even noticed that, had she not been on her porch bringing her cats indoors.

“I thought at first that they were having a bon fire, so then I was going to call the fire station cause I thought it was getting kind of big. And then when I realized that it was a house on fire, then I went inside, got my phone, and I called 911,” Linvilly said.


Neighbors said they started feeling very concerned when they didn’t see anyone coming out of the house as it was engulfed in flames. But luckily, no one was home.


“I was really worried. I was praying all night cause I really thought there was somebody in there,” Linvilly said.


The couple who was renting the house was visiting family up in north Alabama on Friday.


Next-door neighbor Jay Hunnemeyer said he’s thankful for the recent rain. He said otherwise, the flames might have jumped over into his yard.


“They’re looking for a place tonight and they’ll figure it out from there,” Hunnemeyer said about the couple.


But even though they wasn’t harmed in the blaze, they’d only lived in their home since January. Now, they’re going to have to pick up and start all over again.


“They really enjoyed living in this neighborhood for the short time that they did and they’re going to miss that house,” Hunnemeyer said.


Fire officials told Fox10 News the cause of the fire is still under investigation.


Hunnemeyer is accepting donations on behalf of the couple. If you would like to help them out, he can be reached at 251-284-1067.

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