Three police chases, one arrest

With K-9 units out, Mobile Police officers patrolled the Springhill Avenue area Friday, June 13, looking for a suspect officers said stole a vehicle then fled on foot. According to police scanners, the suspect was last seen running on Union Avenue.

It was a similar scene Thursday night, June 12 on Lansdowne Drive off Highway 90 when K-9 units scoured the area looked for two men police said bailed from a vehicle after a chase.

“I came out the front door and the lady officer, she was running and on her microphone telling people she had two people jumping the fence running through the neighborhood. At that point in time, cops started showing up everywhere,” said Brett Johnson who lives near the site where the chase ended.

Police found marijuana near the vehicle and when the suspects are caught, officers said they will face a number of charges.

“They’ll face attempting to allude, reckless endangerment and marijuana second for the amount of marijuana that was found,” said Mobile Police spokesperson, Officer Terrence Perkins.

Just before that chase police were pursing a stolen Chevy Silverado down Michael Boulevard. Witnesses said the truck almost hit some kids in the Family Place apartment complex.

“He drove through the grass and almost ran over me close to my apartment and you can get to the other side unless you cross over some sidewalks and there were some kids there playing,” Nancy Turner said. “He had to at least be going 50 mph through that one parking lot.”

That chase ended when the driver crashed into a utility police on Lakeside Drive.

Investigators said 18-year old Arthur Watson got out of the truck and jumped in a lake to get away but ended up in handcuffs. Tthe pursuit reached speeds of 90 miles per hour.

Fox10 News asked what police protocol is when it comes to high-speed chases.

“Speed does contribute to a chase being called off but like I said, each chase is monitored by a supervisor and also by an officer,” Perkins explained.

Perkins said several factors are considered when police in are pursuit.

“You have to take into consideration the traffic, the location, and a geographical area where the chase is being held at to continue the chase or end the chase,” Perkins said.

According to police, each chase is reviewed to determine if protocol was followed.

Police made one arrest in the three chases. Three men are currently on the run.

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