This Side of 49 working on new album

Josh and Jarred Lipscomb, twin brothers born and raised in south Alabama, started singing from an early age in church, school, and parties for family and friends. These brothers felt a connection with music from the start. From beating on pots and pans with any objects they could find, to turning on every radio that came across their path, they were eventually given there first instruments that would set the stage for their musical endeavors. 

As the years went by, Josh and Jarred started singing for bigger crowds and eventually with the help of family members, started a singing group with their sister, aunt, and few friends. Along the way they began to improve their musical talents, honing their voices, strengthening their harmonies, polishing their skills as musicians, and entertaining the crowds. They have worked from those early years in a continuing effort to always give a better performance than the last, and prove they can entertain any audience big or small, young or old.

Josh and Jarred have had the opportunity to play all around the Alabama, Mississippi and Florida Gulf Coast. They have played in many different venues from festivals and restaurants to coffee shops and theaters. The brothers are finding their way with music leading them, and believe that the early influences they had with music when they were younger helped get them where they are today.

This Side of 49 released their first album Uncomplicated Day in the fall of 2009. They are currently working on their next album. If you’d like to hear more music from This Side of 49, please visit

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