Introducing “Google My Business”

Amazon is launching a music streaming service for its Prime members. It’s called Prime Music. More than a million tracks are now available for streaming without the advertisments. It’s another freebie for Prime members ahead of Amazon’s expected unveiling of its first smart phone next week.

Google has announced a new service called “Google My Business”. It’s a suite of tools for business owners who are trying to figure out how to get their business on Google. The service allows you to update your business information, add photos, read reviews, and use Google Plus. “Google My Business” will add your business information to Google Search and Google Maps. Customers will then be able to find your business on any device. For more information, go to Get the “Google My Business” app to manage your business on the go.

vessyl Introducing Google My BusinessAnd, a new smart-cup can help you keep track of what you’re drinking throughout the day. It’s called Vessyl, and it can determine how much liquid is inside of it, what that beverage is, and how many calories it has. You can use it to track your caffeine intake throughout the day, as well as your hydration. Once you pour liquid into the Vessyl, information about the drink appears on the side of the cup. It works with a mobile app to track every sip. It will ship next year for $200 dollars, but you can pre-order one now for half the price. To order, go to

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