Will Grand bay’s watermelons be ready in time for the festival on the fourth?

Watermelons Not Ready for Festival?

Wednesday Adam Sessions was harvesting some melons from his Grand Bay field, but they were cantaloupes, not the watermelons the area is known for.

“The blooms won’t set they won’t pollinate right,” Sessions explained looking at the watermelon crop.

The watermelons have bounced back, but they are still sitting in the field after having been delayed by the cold temperatures and excessive rain. Now harvest time will be hectic.

“We try to plant in stages but this year the way the weather was the ones we planted earlier the cold weather set them back so they’re all one age,” Sessions told us. “They’re all going to hit us all at once.”

Watermelon festival on the Fourth

Time is ticking to the annual Watermelon Festival which draws thousands to Grand Bay on the Fourth of July. At the produce stand, for now all the watermelons are from Florida.

Stand manager, Sally Spicer told us, “Normally we’d have our sugar babies and we don’t even have that yet this year.”

So how close will it be? Turns out it will be very close. Sessions told us it will be another week to ten days before his watermelons are ready. That will put the harvest towards the end of June.

“We have to have Grand Bay watermelons!” Spicer exclaimed. “We will. We will definitely have some.”

Satsumas a Total Loss Though

Sessions said the hardest hit crop in grand bay are the Satsuma oranges. the cold weather killed the blooms on the bushes and he told us this year’s crop is a complete loss.

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