The Grand Hotel hiring for 72 jobs

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – The lines started forming early Thursday morning at a Baldwin County resort holding a job fair.

72 jobs are open, right alongside Mobile Bay.


Shannon Lee arrived shortly after opening at 9:00 to fill out a job application at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa.

She said she was not looking for anything in particular, just work, and has been looking for a while.

Lee said, “I have a degree, so, I’m actually looking for something in that, but, it’s kind of hard to find that when they look for so much experience.”

Her degree is in medical administration.

Chance Mancuso has a similar story about the search for employment.

When asked what its like looking for a job, Mancuso said, “Oh, I’ve been applying for months at places. It’s hard to get a job.”


The general manager, Bruce Smith, said there are open positions across the board.

Smith said they include “servers in food and beverage, bartenders, cooks, utility workers.”

Sheridan Jones is looking for a bartending job for banquets or in the clubhouse.

She said, “I live on my own. I’m going to school and stuff, so, it is hard finding a job that I know works well with your schedule, but, also make enough money to pay your bills so you can go to school.”

Jones is majoring in Biology at the University of South Alabama.


Dan Teele said he just left a trucking job and has a background in maintenance.

He said, “There’s a lot of work, but getting exactly what you want, you’ve got to dig a little harder for it.”

There are even job openings here where you can work outside.

Smith said, “In golf, we’re looking for the front of the house and also for people working on grounds.”

In the meantime, Chase Mancuso is staying optimistic.

He said, “There’s always a job out there to find. There’s always one that’s coming soon.”


Opportunities are available in a range of areas, including: cooks, housekeeping, dishwashers, recreation, banquets, kitchen, servers, spa, room service, loss prevention, catering, bartenders, and grounds.

If you couldn’t attend the job fair, you can still apply for the open jobs by filling out an application online. , at, before attending the job fair.

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