Police search for suspects off Hwy 90

Mobile Police were in the Lansdowne neighborhood off Highway 90 Thursday, June 12 looking for two men Thursday night with K-9 units.

Officers said they tried to pull over a vehicle and the driver sped off. It appears the suspects jumped out of a white Chevy Caprice vehicle at the intersection on Outley Drive and Lansdowne Drive in the Landsdowne neighborhood.

Brett Johnson said he was inside his home when he heard loud tailpipes and sirens.

“I came out the front door and the lady officer, she was running and on her microphone telling people she had two people jumping the fence running through the neighborhood and at that point in time cops started showing up everywhere,” Johnson said.

Johnson said one suspect was wearing a white tee-shirt and another man was wearing a blue shirt. He said it appeared there was smoke coming from the vehicle when the suspects jumped out of the car and ran but police have not confirmed that information.

Around 11:30 p.m. Johnson said the car was towed away but from what he could tell, the manhunt was still on.

Police have not told Fox10 News where the police chase began or given us descriptions about the suspects.

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