New Amazon Services, Payment Plan

Amazon is reportedly working on adding trades and services to its menu. The company is looking at debuting sales of things like babysitting, haircuts, painters, and handymen services. It will roll the new services out in one market first to test it out before expanding to other cities, and eventually nationwide.

Kindle_paymentPlanIf you’re looking to buy a Kindle, Amazon is offering a new payment plan to help you out. Instead of paying the full price at checkout, the company is offering to let you pay five equal monthly payments. The payment plan doesn’t require a credit check, and doesn’t add anything to the price of the Kindle.

And, no more searching for the power outlet if you want to charge your phone at Starbucks. The coffee chain and Duracell are rolling out wireless powermat charging stations. The charging stations will sit right on the surface of tables and countertops. Those charging pads will go to Starbucks stores in San Francisco first, and then other cities next year.

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