BCPSS challenges findings in OB school study

  FOLEY, Ala. (WALA) – It’s been just about three weeks since the Orange Beach City Council gathered hundreds of its citizens together to discuss the findings of Dr. Ira Harvey.

The study was designed to be a potential road map to an independent Orange Beach School System. Thursday afternoon, the Baldwin County School Systems responded saying the study is misleading.

“The revenue projections are based on aggressive an unsubstantiated assumptions in direct conflict with federal, state and local education funding laws,” Norman Moore, president of the Baldwin County School Board, said.

One of the discrepancies they point to is student population and how that would impact funding. The study uses home school students and some living beyond Orange Beach city limits in its analysis.

Moore said that wrongfully inflates potential county taxes by almost a million dollars.

“Dr. Harvey’s financial projections will clearly fall far short and Orange Beach citizens should not be induced to form a new school system with increased taxes only to later learn that far more in additional taxes will be needed to adequately fund their public schools,” Moore said.

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon questions the data presented since it wasn’t done in a forum where the public can actively weigh in.

“It’s absolutely silly and ludicrous to think that any board with any credibility would think that they can get away with that. But unfortunately they continue to get away with that because our elected officials will not call them out on it. And I’m calling them out,” Kennon said.

Dr. Lee was asked if he and the school board planned on bringing their presentation into a public forum in the future. He said no, but they did post it to their website, which can be found by clicking here.

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