Alcohol, marijuana found in manslaughter suspect’s system

A Baldwin County Judge has bound the cases against Steven Little over to a Grand Jury.

Little is accused of killing a Foley resident after police say he ran a red light at the end of a high speed chase in April Of 2014.

In a Baldwin County courtroom Thursday, June 12, 2014 an investigator with the Baldwin County Major Crimes Task Force told a judge what their investigation showed. Suspect, Steven Little sat with his attorney and listened as the investigator described what played out on April 16.

Deputies began chasing 30 year old Steven Little after they say numerous complaints were called in about his erratic driving on the afternoon of April 16, 2014. The investigator said he reviewed dash cam footage that showed Little racing through parking lots of apartments and shopping centers at up to 50 miles per hour. The pursuit ended when Little ran through a stoplight northbound on Highway 59 at Azalea Avenue in Foley and smashed into a car being driven by Foley resident Ron Ealey. Ealey was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Ealey was on his way home from work when he was hit.

“We will prosecute this case to the fullest, you know. He killed a man and whether he meant to or whether he didn’t, his actions, his reckless actions and the behavior he exhibited caused the death of another human being,” said Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney, ChaLea Tisdale.

Thursday’s testimony shed light on a possible reason Little was acting so erratically that day. Blood tests taken at the hospital following the wreck showed that Little had both alcohol and marijuana in his system.

“The hospital testing is helpful because it lets us know that the drugs and the alcohol were in fact there,” Tisdale said.

Even though hospital results show Little had alcohol and marijuana in his system, prosecutors say it’s important to know how much of each he had.

“The quantities and levels of course are going to be very important in terms of what charges to levy and how to proceed to trial at that point,” Tisdale explained.

Steven Little remains in the Baldwin County Jail on no bond. He’s charged with vehicular manslaughter, recless endangerment, driving with a suspended license and attempting to elude.0


Prosecutors are still waiting on lab results from the Alabama Department of Forensic Science. They expect those results to be in before the Grand Jury reviews the charges.

Based on those results, more charges could still come.


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