Neighbor describes murdered mother’s last moments

A Washington County 16-year-old will be charged as an adult in the murder of her mother, according to Chatom Police.

Chatom Police said Tuesday, June 10 Jailyn Wimbley stabbed her mother, Catina Wimbley, in their apartment and then ran into the woods. Neighbors said the killing was over an argument about a cell phone, but Chatom Police won’t confirm that.

“So many people come up with theories. We want to arrive at the truth about all of these theories,” said Chatom Police Chief Brent Callihan.

A neighbor, Justin Sashington, told FOX10 News about the mother’s last moments.

“I was the one that took her to the hospital. She died on this seat right here,” said Sashington.

Reporter: “What did you hear? How did you know she needed help?”

Sashington: “Because I was sitting on the steps, and she said she needed help… so I took her to the hospital.”

Reporter: “What was she saying in the car while you were driving to the hospital?”

Sashington: “She was not saying nothing. My brother in-law was talking to her in the backseat to keep her woke. By the time we turned into the hospital she was out.”

Sashington said Wimbley was stabbed in the neck. He tried to stop the bleeding with a towel but by the time they got to the hospital it was too late.

“The hospital worked for quite a while, trying to revive her, but try we’re unable to resuscitate her because if the blood loss,” said Callihan.

Soon after Wimbley’s death a manhunt began for her daughter. The murder happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday and investigators found Jailyn Wimbley near the woods around 9 p.m.

The 16-year-old expected to stand before a judge by the end of the week.

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