Community Empowerment Teen Summit

People United To Advance The Dream invites the public to attend a teen summit this weekend. The summit was created to increase community empowerment and encourage change in the youth of today. 

Topics will include television, texting, social media, money, and more.

Teens 13-19 years of age are encouraged to attend, and any parents or guardians are also encouraged to attend. If dropping a teen off for the summit, organizers request that a permission form be signed.

The summit will take place Saturday, June 14th at the Harmon Recreation Center. The event will start at 11am and last until 2pm.

For more information contact: Jacob Davis (251) 232-4467, or by email,
Lamichael Kirksey (251) 622-3595

The event is sponsored by People United To Advance The Dream in collaboration with the City of Mobile, Men Learning from Mistakes, Lights of Empowerment, Ruth Missionary Baptist Church, Independent Living Center, Wings of Life, and many more.

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