Boaters injured in a fire talk about the accident

MOBILE, Ala. – Three people injured in a boat fire this weekend were still recovering at USA Medical Center Wednesday after being injured in a boat fire Saturday.

Kristin Hutchinson and Katlyn Herring were excited about their first fishing trip. The morning started with “selfies” on the boat ride out to deep waters.

“So, that’s where we were headed, by one of those rigs. We were going to spend the day, and then once we met our limit come back,” Hutchinson said.

A group of seven friends and family members from New Augusta, Mississippi left out of Pascagoula early Saturday on a red snapper fishing trip on June 7th.
They were just starting to catch fish when something terrible happened.

“I had turned my back and was dropping my line when I heard the explosion,,,I remember seeing like a ball of fire.,, At that minute I thought oh my God I’m on fire and I took off running and dover over the side of the boat into the water,” Hutchinson said.

Kristin has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over both her legs. Doctors are trying to determine if she’ll need skin grafs.

Melody Breland was just a few feet from her daughter.

“I don’t know if it blew me off, or I jumped. I just went over backwards,” Breland said.

There were a total of seven people on the boat.
Breland said they think the carburetor backfired and ignited fumes in the bottom of the vessel.

“It brought the fire under the bow of the boat and came out under the console. It just went out and came back in. It covered everybody’s legs. But luckily my legs were up on the side of the boat, and I guess that’s why I didn’t get burned,” Breland said.

Katyln was also burned, and so was her father. She said it could have been much worse, because moments before the explosion he was below deck.

“My dad was down where it had exploded. He got up to come help me, and it was just a loud noise,” Katyln said.

They’re just grateful for the other boaters who were nearby.

“That first boat that came to us, they were our angels. They saved us. They got us out of the water,” Breland said.

And another boater, the captain of the Blue Water Cowboy, took them to meet up with the coast guard. He had the fastest boat.

“They were wonderful, everybody was,” Breland said.

Breland said the first boat was out of Pascagoula. There was a nurse on board who knew exactly what to do for the injuries.
Unfortunately, they didn’t get any of the names.

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