BCPSS hosts tech conference for educators

Educators from more than 17 states were in Foley Wednesday, June 11 for a national technology conference hosted by Baldwin County Public Schools.

The three-day conference offers participants an opportunity to ask questions related to the digital conversion.

The attendees include superintendents, principals, teachers and administrators.

Workshops showed how to implement the system, pay for the technology and how to administer it in the classroom.

Cost was on the forefront of everyone’s mind, but Baldwin County Schools Superintendent, Doctor Alan Lee said the new technology is more cost efficient than text books.

“If we were to buy text books, we could purchase about two text books before we would exceed the cost of the computers and so it’s really a good investment as far as using the public’s money,” Lee said.

“They’re setting that precedence that anyone can do this and the conference this week is about how to take those steps to do it. They’re laying the foundation for other school districts to follow,” said Michelle Mansour, an i-station supplier.

Baldwin County Public School System is part of the white house initiative called Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.

It’s an elite group of schools on the cutting edge of technology in the classroom.




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