$99 Playstation TV Coming

Sony has announced that its “Playstation TV” game console is coming this fall for $99 dollars. You’ll be able to pair the little box with your Playstation Four, allowing you to play your PS-4 game on a second television in your home. It will give you access to video and music streaming services, and will also give you the ability to play hundreds of games through it’s log-in service, Playstation Now.

Netflix is easing up on its finger-pointing that blamed Verizon and other internet service providers for problems with its streaming speeds. The decision follows a legal threat by Verizon last week. Netflix says providers including Verizon and Comcast aren’t doing enough to deliver content fast enough.

ringly $99 Playstation TV ComingAnd, a new piece of jewelry could keep you from missing a call. There’s a new smart-ring that can let you know when you have an important call coming in. It’s called Ringly. It’s a beautiful stone that buzzes and lights up when you get a call, text, or even when someone likes your Instagram. You can use the ring’s app to design your alerts, so you’ll know who’s calling by the color or buzz on your ring. It runs on a battery and comes with an app for both IOS and Android. Rings are priced at $145 dollars and will ship this fall. To order one, go to ringly.com.

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