Shark threat lifted in Orange Beach

Those waters have been closed for the last few days due to large congregations of sharks close to the beach. A single red flag flew over public beaches in Orange Beach Tuesday, June 10, 2014. It was a welcome sight to beach-goers who have had to forgo swimming the last few days due to sharks swarming near the beach.

The Corbetts from Vernon, Alabama got to the beach on Saturday and have been keeping a close eye on the warnings from their condo. They noticed as soon as the danger level was

“Heard this morning they were going to re-evaluate it at 10:00 and we saw the chopper take off and watched it come back and took a flag down. We all packed up and said let’s go,” Matt Corbett said.

One day did make a big difference. Exclusive Fox 10 video shot Monday afternoon showed large numbers of sharks still close to the Perdido Pass public beach area. Well over 20 were seen within just a few hundred yards. Tuesday, Steve Olive of Orange Beach

Helicopters flew public safety officials over the area just as he’s done the last several days. He saw a big difference.

“Oh it’s like night and day. Yesterday afternoon there were a lot of sharks congregated right here at the pass and this morning with the tide coming in, we had saw almost no sharks this morning,” Olive said.

Olive is no stranger to shark sightings. He’s been flying over the beaches of the central gulf coast for over two decades and says large gatherings like we’ve had aren’t that unusual for this time of year.”June seems to be a busy month for us, at least seeing sharks. We see a lot of sharks in June. I don’t know if it’s seasonal. I don’t know if it’s just the normal way things go in June, but this time last year we were also seeing a lot of sharks,” Olive explained.

Nobody’s sure why the sharks came so close to shore, although there has been speculation that large numbers of fish carcasses during the brief red snapper season was a draw.

Despite the improving conditions, people are still being careful.

“I’m still going to take precaution until, you know they drop both of them,” Jodi Wolchina said who was spending the day on the beach with her son.

Orange Beach safety officials said single red flags flew on all beaches Tuesday due to rough surf conditions and swimmers should use extreme caution. As far as the sharks go, they will continue to monitor the situation as needed.


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