New Video Games Announced

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, called E3, is happening this week in Los Angeles. The gaming industry started showing off some exciting new games yesterday. Sony revealed a slew of new games for its console, the Playstation Four. Its releasing the fourth installment of the “Uncharted” franchise, along with the long-time classic “Mortal Kombat”, and the futuristic space adventure “Destiny”. The President of Sony Entertainment says, Destiny will raise the bar for the future of gaming.

House says, “The ‘Destiny’ trailer that kicked off tonight’s show is the embodiment of our vision, from it’s graphic fidelity, to its dynamic social experiences, to its deeply immersive gameplay, ‘Destiny’ will help define this next generation of gaming. Like so many of the world’s biggest and best games you’ll be able to play ‘Destiny’ first on PlayStation.”

Destiny will be available on Playstation Four this Thursday.

Microsoft also showed off what’s next for the X-Box gaming console. By the end of the year, gamers can expect new titles like “Halo Five-Guardians”, “Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare” and “Disney Fantasia-Music Evolved”. Microsoft also talked about a new publishing platform, where independent gamemakers can publish new games.

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