Group campaigns for “In God we Trust” in Government Plaza

Two men asked Mobile City Council for their support on displaying the national motto “In God we Trust” Government Plaza. One is a self-proclaimed tea party activist. The other, a Baldwin County man passionate about the the statement.

“It doesn’t bother me any because I have it in my pocket,” said one woman.

“I don’t think it should be written on a county wall it shouldn’t be on a dollar bill,” said James Baldwin.

Jon Butler of Baldwin County is spreading his message across the southwest. He asked Pete Riehm, a tea party activist, to join his mission. The goal: A public display of the words ” In God we Trust” in city council chambers. Butler says a plaque would cost a few hundred dollars and could be privately funded.

“We live in a beautiful city. We’ve been blessed many times over and the best way to continue those blessings is to acknowledge the one who made it possible. I think that is all we are asking,” said Riehm.

The men asked city council to support their cause. But since the county owns Government Plaza they were told they need to ask the Mobile County Commission. They plan on doing that next.

Butler says he has seen some success in Baldwin County with places like Silverhill and Orange Beach agreeing to display the motto. We will let you know what the county comission decides.

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