Crime and blight go hand in hand, Barber says

The Mobile City Council is considering a new litter ordinance.

When you think about public safety you may envision police efforts to crack down on drugs, and crime hot spots like we saw in Mobile last week. But Chief Barber reminded city council members that crime and blight go hand in hand.

Barber says if you want to gauge the level of crime in any area, just look to see if there’s a litter problem.

That’s why the City of Mobile is considering some changes to its litter ordinance. Barber says the mapping technology highlights the link between crime and liter.

“If you took a density map of crime and calls for service, and you took a map of the same general vicinity has it relates to blight you can just about overlay one on top of the other. There’s going to be almost no difference between the two,” he said.

Public safety committee chairperson Bess Rich says business owners will have to do more to make sure they’re not contributing to the problem.


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