Woman still free after bond revoked

Sixty-year-old William Bramlett was riding a motorcycle on the Dauphin Island Bridge in June 2013, when Dauphin Island Police said Susan Dickerson crossed the center line and hit him. The retired marine was taken to USA Medical Center where he died. Dickerson was released from jail on bond but when she failed a drug test, her bond was revoked. Even though her bond was revoked, Dickerson got out of jail recently and Fox10 News wanted to know why.

“Judge Lockett ruled if her attorney, Jason Darely, could find a residential treatment facility to take her, he would release her,” explained Mobile County District Attorney, Ashley Rich.

Rich said Dickerson is now in a rehab facility and she doesn’t agree with the judge’s decision.

“They can’t lock her up. It’s not jail, it’s a residential treatment facility. She can leave at any time,” Rich said.

Jail records show Dickerson has drug charges dating back to 2007. She has a status hearing scheduled for August 28.

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