‘Famous in 12′ in USA Today

famousin12 Famous in 12 in USA TodayThe CW’s ‘Famous in 12‘ is being featured in USA Today! The new reality series is about a small-town family chasing its dream to become famous. TMZ lends a helping hand as the Artiaga family faces the challenge of becoming a household name in 12 weeks.

The whole Artiaga family, including 11 children, parents and grandparents have relocated to Los Angeles to learn the ropes of celebrity life. But, the family’s fate is ultimately up to America. Executive Producer David Garfinkle says, “We’re not saying we’re going to make them stars. It’s America that really decides it. We’re just giving them the platform.”

The mother, Angie Artiaga, is an author who writes erotica novels. The father, Mike Artiaga, has aspirations to become a DJ. The eldest daughter, Taliah, is working towards becoming a dancer. And, the younger sister, Jameelah, is pursuing a modeling career.

Check out USA Today’s full article here.

You can watch ‘Famous in 12‘ Tuesday nights at 7 on CW55.


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