Drug operation, missionaries find common ground

Mobile Police Narcotics Investigators and community services personnel released new details about a major drug operation in Mobile.

Thursday, June 5 authorities executed a search warrant at a “drug nuisance” Juniper Street. 24 people were arrested at the home for various illegal activities. During the search warrant, 67 bottles of liquor were confiscated along with various types of drug paraphernalia and gambling equipment including syringes, a crack pipe, decks of playing cards, a digital scale and a multitude of cellophane bags used to package narcotics.

Click here to for the names of the suspects and their charges.

Just feet away from Juniper Street a group of volunteers from all over the country including Trussville, Delaware, Vermont and South Carolina are working on building a new church facility.

“They need the message that we bring to them which is there is always hope,” said Roger Crew, a volunteer with First Baptist Church Trussville.

New Hope Baptist Church is building a bigger and better building in the heart of the neighborhood. And a group of volunteers are helping them build it free of charge.

The pastor of New Hope Baptist, Glenn Clark, says drug dealers used to own the block of land the new facility now sits on. The church is working closely with First Baptist Church Trussville to expand the facility and bring new hew hope to the community.

The church says it’s all about showing people love through Jesus Christ.

“There has to be a change in the heart. You can feed me, you can give me clothes, but until my heart has changed I’m going to continue to do the same thing,” said Pastor Glenn Clarke.

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