Amazon’s Mystery Device

Amazon has people guessing what it’s up to. The company posted video showing reactions from testers using a device off screen. Amazon is rumored to be working on a 3D smart phone. It’s is expected to debut the new device June 18th.

Google is working on a 3D tablet called Project Tango. It comes with a slew of cameras for tracking motion and depth. The idea is that eventually these tablets will be able to detect environments the same way humans can.

And, Microsoft announced the XBox One is getting several new apps. First up is Twitter. You’ll be able to sync TV shows through the XBox One, and see a live feed of related tweets at the bottom of your screen. Also, the console is getting Twitter’s Vine app, so users can watch its six-second videos on the big screen. Other apps coming to XBox One include HBO-Go, iHeartRadio, and Major League Gaming.

That’s your Daily Tech.



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