Shark sightings at Alabama Point, swimming advisory issued

Orange Beach Sign

Swimming along Alabama Point and just east of it has been banned by Orange Beach officials because of shark sightings.

This morning’s beach report recording said double red flags are flying in these areas warning swimmers to stay out of the water.  Shark sightings began Friday.

“Hopefully, once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water, they (sharks) may not be swimming in such numbers that close to the beach,” said Melvin Shepard, Aquatics and Beach Safety Director of the City of Orange Beach in an email to FOX10News this morning.

According to the Orange Beach surf condition report recording this morning, the rest of the beaches are flying yellow flags which means conditions are at medium hazard and it is advisable to stay out of the water if you are not a good swimmer.

The Gulf Shores beach report recording also said yellow flag conditions are happening today along its beaches.

To get the latest on surf conditions in Orange Beach and in Gulf Shores, you can call 251-981-7873 for Orange Beach and 251-968-8433 for Gulf Shores for the latest information on surf and swimming advisories.

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