Dead red snapper have citizens concerned

THEODORE, Ala. (WALA) – Theodore, Ala. (WALA) – Residents living in Theodore alerted FOX10 News on Sunday of more than two dozen red snapper, dumped in area waterways.

Spring Wladron, sent an e-mail to the FOX10 newsroom and said she was riding her bike down Old Rangeline Road and Cedar Point Road North when she stopped and smelled dead fish. In both locations, up to a dozen red snapper floated in the water.

“Today, I was out riding on Dauphin Island Parkway, a little bit past Hollinger’s Island school and noticed when I went over Middle Deer River there were a lot of snapper that appeared to have been gutted. When I stopped there were probably thirty or forty of them,” she said.

FOX10 News went to the site on Sunday and confirmed the sighting.

“It made me think, something is going on,” said Waldron. “Of course I did a double take. It’s disgusting. It’s like knowing the snapper fishermen are only supposed to catch two a day and there were more than thirty in the water, somebody is trying to make some sort of statement there,” she said.

Waldron said another location – Dog River Road near Old Rangeline Road – was covered with carcasses too. Neighbors told FOX10 News this is not the first time this has happened in their backyard. On Sunday, the fish decayed in the water, covered with thousands of maggots.

Major Scott Bannon is the Chief of Enforcement for Marine Resources. He said there is a penalty if you get caught dumping your fish in the water.

“A person cannot discard their carcasses, for fish entrails within 500 feet of the shoreline anywhere on the inside waters of Alabama. The fines generally start out around $100 and go up based on multiple offenses just as any other criminal would be. I believe it is actually a Class C misdemeanor,” said Major Bannon.

Major Bannon also told FOX10 News if you see someone dumping into the water, do not get involved. Get a description of the area of even who might be doing it and then call the tip line. The number is 251-476-1256.

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