3 burned in boat fire off Dauphin Island

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. – Three people were rescued from a burning boat south of Dauphin Island Saturday morning. The coast guard tells Fox Ten News it was “Good Samaritan” who came to the rescue.

The Coast Guard station on Dauphin Island received it’s first emergency call before noon Saturday.

“At about 11:30 we received a distress call regarding a vessel that caught on fire. It had three people injured, and the Good Samaritan “Blue Water Cowboy” put the people on their boat and were coming this way,” Petty Officer Robert Brown said.

Petty Officer Brown and four other crew members were en route within five minutes, but they had a long way to go. The 27 foot pleasure boat caught fire about 42 miles south of the Dauphin Island.

“They launched out of Pascagoula, Mississippi. They have a Coast Guard unit there, but they were closer to us, and our area of operation,” Brown said.

It took the Coast Guard crew nearly an hour to meet up with the Good Samaritan vessel carrying the injured boaters, which was bringing them toward Dauphin Island.

“Once we got on scene we found out we did need to take those people off and medivac them back to the station where we had EMS waiting on us to get back. Once we got here we handed off the EMS, but on transit we administered first aid,” he said.

Two Mobile County EMS ambulances were waiting when the crew reached Dauphin Island.
The injured boaters were taken to USA Medical Center for treatment.

“We weren’t able to determine what degree of burns that they had. They did have, they suffered a few burns on their body though mostly on the lower extremities,” Brown said.

No word tonight on the identity or conditions of the injured boaters. Petty Officer Brown said the Coast Guard did not get the name of the captain of the “Blue Water Cowboy”, but they said they do extend their thanks.

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