MPD: Multiple arrests made in undercover crack cocaine op

A caravan of transport vans, patrol cars and undercover vehicles headed to neighborhoods near Martin Luther King Drive Friday, June 6 to arrest people suspected of selling crack cocaine.

“We’re going to specific locations we know are involved in undercover operations and we’re looking for specific individuals,” said Mobile Police Chief, James Barber.

Chief Barber said in the past two months, as part of a four-phase drug operation, undercover officers made approximately 50 drug purchases from 35 people.

Friday, the suspected sellers were arrested, loaded into police vans, and brought to a command center set up near Kennedy Street. With hands tied behind their backs, the suspects were put into a holding area. They were ordered to sit down on a curb, keep their head’s down and ankles crossed.

“This is the guy on the street corner that’s probably got a gun, that’s got a pocket full of crack, but a very dangerous guy in the right circumstances,” Chief Barber said.

After their personal information was put into a database, the suspects were put back into police vans and hauled off to Mobile Metro Jail.

Mobile City Council Member reacts

The neighborhood where police said the drugs were being sold, is in district two which Mobile City Council Member Levon Manzie represents.

“I get calls pretty much daily from parents who aren’t able to go out into their front yards because of the wide spread onslaught of drug sales and the negative influence in our community,” Manzie said.

Manzie said he wants the public to know police are serious and Chief Barber said he wants to create an environment where drug activity is not tolerated.

24 arrested on Juniper Street

In addition to the arrests made Friday, police arrested 24 people on Juniper Street Thursday night. Most of those suspects arrested are facing charges of  loitering for the purpose of drug activity and gambling.

“The residence itself is being used as an illegal gambling and drug distribution center,” Chief Barber said.

Two months earlier, police arrested 39 people at the same home.

This time during the search warrant, 67 bottles of liquor were confiscated along with various types of drug paraphernalia and gambling equipment including syringes, a crack pipe, decks of playing cards, a digital scale and a multitude of cellophane bags used to package narcotics.

In addition to those items, officers also confiscated approximately eight different types of prescription medications. Some of the medications confiscated are the same as the narcotics sold during undercover operations at that location. Officers also seized $717 in U. S. Currency and two vehicles with an estimated value of $10,000.

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