BCSO investigating Daphne police captain

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – A Daphne Police captain has been placed on administrative after facing criminal charges.

Captain Daniel Bell was arrested on Thursday and charged with third degree domestic violence for harassing communications.

“It was found with evidence and witness testimony that he had violated the criminal code of Alabama. We cannot treat him any differently than any other person that’s accused of a crime. And it’s unfortunate that we had to make an arrest in this case,” Captain Steve Arthur, an investigator with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, said.

The case stems from what Arthur describes as harassing phone calls, texts and emails that were sent to the victim. Investigators told Fox10 News it had been an issue for quite a while.

“He was asked to stop by the victim for several months, four or five months. And he did not. So she went to the Daphne Police Department and they asked us to look into it,” Arthur said.

Beyond being a case involving law enforcement, BCSO was involved because the communications crossed Daphne city limits. Arthur told Fox10 News that the communications were not threatening or violent in nature.

And while the sheriff’s office continues their investigation, Daphne police are in the midst of an internal investigation as well.

“Anytime we have a complaint against one of our officers, we’re going to investigate. If the officer is right, we’ll back them. And if not, we will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior by our people, whether it’s our officers or otherwise with the department,” Daphne Police Chief David Carpenter said

Bell was released Thursday night around 11:30 p.m. on a $2,500 bond. Carpenter said if the results of the investigation go against Bell, he could face penalties including suspension or termination.

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