New Instagram Editing Features

Google wants to make sure no one is reading your emails that isn’t supposed to. It’s working on a feature for Gmail called “end to end”. It’s an encryption that turns your email into jumbled code so the only person who can read it is the recipient. It’s not available for the public just yet, but will be available soon on the Google Chrome web browser.

Instagram has released a new update that gives users 10 new photo-editing tools. The app now lets you manually adjust your photo’s brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more. To use the new features, first install the update, then tap on the wrench icon below your photo on the right side. You can also double tap on the filter icons to make it lighter or darker.

And, Sam’s Club is set to introduce a security-chip enabled credit card. The New York times reports that the chip technology makes it hard to duplicate, unlike those compromised during Target’s massive customer data breach last year, that use only magnetic strips. The new card also allows users to assign a pin number in an effort to prevent fraud as well. Sam’s Club’s new card will be available June 23rd. You must be a Sam’s Club member to apply, but the card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. WalMart, the owner of Sam’s Club, is expected to issue similar cards this summer.

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