MPD: “We will get you where it hurts.”

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile Police Department is cracking down when it comes to ‘nuisance’ properties within the City. The term describes what police call houses or businesses that are magnets for crime. Within the past month, two businesses and one residence have been locked and/or boarded up.

The reason why we are taking this avenue is because we’ve already gone the criminal enforcement route,” said Judge Wanda Rahman, assistant attorney for the Mobile Police Department.

FOX10 News wanted to know what it takes for the MPD to shut down a business or residence.

“It becomes a nuisance when we continue to get phone calls and we are able to verify the information that in fact and indeed there is drug activity in those locations,” she said.

The most recent: 1256 Partridge Street off Michigan Avenue. From February to May, police say twelve drug purchases were made, nine were arrested and four are still on the loose.  Judge Rahman said these factors play a role in determining what areas are deemed a ‘nuisance.’

“We are trying to keep one step ahead of the people who are actually breaking the law. Citizens and people who live in that neighborhood has called the police department and said look they’re selling drugs out of that location or there is heavy foot traffic. We need some help,” she said.

The Department must provided evidence the property, whether it is a business or residence, is posing a threat to the community. But, once police found out that criminal enforcement was not working, then officers started exploring other options to crack down on criminals.

“We’re not trying to take anyone’s home. We’re not trying to take your business. All we are saying is that if you are going to conduct illegal activity out of your homes and out of businesses, then the Mobile Police Department will come after you and we will get you where it hurts. And we will do whatever we need to do to make sure we get compliance of the law,” said Judge Rahman.

FOX10 News will continue to follow this story for you.

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