Man booked in jail 30 times, released again

There’s another apparent case of “the revolving door” at Mobile Metro Jail.

A suspect, booked into jail thirty times, is out again.

Police said he’s wanted for an armed robbery of a gas station.


His name is Lazerrick Craig, and, he was the subject of this week’s Fox Ten Fugitive Files.

So, the question remains, why is he allowed back on the street?

That’s what Fox Ten News wants to find out, and we went digging for answers.

Lazerrick Craig is wanted by Mobile Police for an armed robbery that happened Monday at the Chevron station on Azalea Road at Michael Boulevard.

Mobile Police Officer Terence Perkins said, “Lazerrick Craig, while out on bond, entered the Chevron gas station on June the 2nd, 2014, armed with a handgun, and demanded cash from the cashier. The cashier complied, and Craig actually left the location with the cash.”


Craig was out on bond for another alleged robbery that happened in June of last year at the Family Dollar Store on Navco Road.

Craig has had nine other charges since the Family Dollar robbery: some of more than 70 charges in nine years time.

The revolving door at the Mobile Metro Jail has been a big topic of discussion at the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and the Mobile Police Department.


During an interview this past December, Mobile Police Chief James Barber said he has met with District Attorney Ashley Rich and others, but a lot more work is needed.

Barber said, “There’s still a lot of inter-agency cooperation going on between us, our federal agencies, and other local municipalities. So, as we move forward, I think you’ll see that plan unfold.”

And, the police chief said there is limited space in local jails and prisons.

But, why is Lazzerick Craig still on the street?

Fox Ten News has reached out to the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and Mobile Police to get some answers.


Spokesperson Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department said this is a good example of what the chief is working on with the DA’s Office to stop the revolving door.

We’re waiting to hear from the DA’s Office on this case.

Lazzerick Craig’s last known address is at the Oak Knoll Apartments on Navco Road.

If you know where he is, call the Fox10 News Fugitive Files/MPD Intel Hotline at 251-208-7000 and turn him in.

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