Bello Nock Live on the Wire

Millions of people worldwide have paid to see Bello Nock perform his death-defying stunts, including hanging by his toes from a helicopter hovering over the Statue of Liberty, repelling off of Madison Square Garden and wire-walking over the length of a cruise ship at sea. Now he’s preparing for his greatest feat ever, and will break a world record while he’s at it. 

Studio10 talked to Bello Nock live on the wire. The record-attempt is “The Longest Continuous Interview on a Wire.” Bello needed to conduct live interviews from the high wire for 8 consecutive hours to break the record.

This 8-hour stunt kicks off the “Summer of Bello” which will culminate on August 30, when Bello will up the ante in the most high-risk, multi-part stunt ever devised. He will attempt to perform fifteen death defying stunts – or die trying – in a live streaming digital event called, “Bello: The Ultimate Daredevil,” to take place in Las Vegas. One man, one night, 15 stunts.

Tune in to for more behind the scenes with Bello Nock all summer. Become a fan of Bello on Facebook at and check out YouTube for more: @TheBelloNock

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