Voters approve Prichard Water Board takeover

PRICHARD, Ala. – The Prichard Water Board is once again on track to be taken over by the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System. Voters narrowly approved the county-wide referendum Tuesday. The vote was 52

Severia Morris was up late Tuesday night to find out who would be in charge of managing water service in Prichard in the weeks to come. She said the concerned citizens hard work finally paid off.

“We was just waiting and anticipating and praying, because faith without works is no good. We got the faith, and we know we did the work,” Morris said.

It was business as usual at the Prichard Water Board Wednesday. Henry Rodgers came to the utility to pay his water bill. He said he’s still confused about what going to happen.

“In other words Prichard has been charging them that much money, they can’t guarantee they’re not going to charge them the same thing down there in Mobile. So, we’re just stuck,” Rodgers said.

Voters were nearly split in half over the controversial takeover. Some even fear the city’s future could be in jeopardy if it loses more than million dollars in annual fees from the utility. Water Board officials said that won’t happen.

“The last time we had the system we collected all the fees and the franchise costs that the city depends and we have said that we would continue to do that,” Barbara Shaw said.

Shaw said once the election results are certified on June 10th, the Prichard Water Board will have 90 days to transfer the utility to MAWSS.
The last time the a takeover referendum passed the Prichard Water Board challenged the election outcome in court.

“It certainly could happen again. As a matter of fact I’ve read that they have already said that they were going to do that so yes it’s a possibility that this could wind up going to court first,” Shaw said.

“Well, we would hope that the Prichard Water and Sewer Board would not spend any more of our money, because it is our money,” Morris said.

Fox Ten News tried to contact the Prichard Water Board for a reaction to the election results. We haven’t heard back from the utility.

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