Partridge St. house still boarded up one week later, neighbors pleased

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Nearly a week after Mobile Police arrested a 61-year-old woman for selling and possession of drugs, her house is still boarded up.

Carolyn James was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, marijuana, and controlled substance. She was arrested at 1265 Partridge Street off Michigan Avenue in Mobile.

Police Chief James Barber calls the house on Partridge Street a nuisance.

“We just do not want to see this particular residence operated to facilitate drug transactions anymore. So we are looking for a different outcome,” he said.

He calls it a nuisance because from February to May of this year, twelve different drug purchases have occurred, nine people have been arrested, and four are still wanted.

On Thursday of last week, officers arrested one of the nine, James, and seized drugs from the house. Shortly after, it was boarded up.

“We are also looking for this property to be brought up to standard,” said Chief Barber. “It’s a continuation of the hotspot policing. But we understand that in order for us to hang on to geographical areas that are hotspots within the City of Mobile, we have to change the environment that is in that area.”

FOX10 News went to see what residents in the neighborhood thought about it being closed up. Some are relieved the problem is now gone.

“I’m just so glad it’s gone. It should have been something done about it a long time ago. I know it’s been happening there for at least 15 years,” said one neighbor. “I’m glad it’s gone. The traffic gave our neighborhood a bad name and reputation in this area. The whole, neighborhood…we are all just happy. We are happy that it’s gone. That it’s been resolved.”

Officers have patrolled the house regularly, checking to make sure there are no problems. According to police, over the weekend while patrolling, 65-year-old Jacob Davis was found inside the residence by officers, after it was boarded up by the city.

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