Plenty getting voter ID’s on Election Day

Starting with Tuesday’s election, you have to present a proper form of photo ID when you vote in Alabama.

But, some voters don’t have a driver’s license, or other acceptable form of ID.

So, they have to go to their county registrar’s office, to get a special voter ID card.


Cyrus Werts, Junior, was among the people who got a temporary voter ID in Mobile Tuesday.

As for the permanent one, Werts said, “All I have to do is wait for it to come in in five or ten days.”

But, he was getting ready to go vote with his temporary card.

There were no long lines at the Mobile County Board of Registrars Office Tuesday, but, workers there said they were very busy, not only because of people requesting voter IDs, but also because their phone system went down on this Election Day.

However, those we talked to who did get voter IDs Tuesday said they were satisfied with their visit.

One voter said, “Everything was awesome. It was great. They were very helpful, very good.”


In Baldwin County, Probate Court Judge Tim Russell said he didn’t think a lot of people would be using voter IDs to prove their identification at county polling places.

Russell said, “We think about 95 percent of our voters have a driver’s license, and, if you think about it, most should. And, if they show the drivers license, that’s all they need.”

But, for those that don’t, Russell wanted to remind people they could use other forms of identification, like military or government ID.

Also, Russell said, “If someone just didn’t have a photo ID, if two election officials can identify them, and sign a form approved by the Secretary of State, that will suffice.”

And remember: you’ll need a valid photo ID for future elections as well.

Voters in any Alabama county can get a voter ID card free of charge.

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